When you own a luxury property that you’re ready to rent to a tenant, you need to know that it’s essential you work with a West Palm Beach property manager you can rely on to:

  • Find the best possible tenants through innovative, high-end marketing strategies
  • Handle property issues that arise during the course of a tenancy
  • Keep you updated on the status of your property and give you constant access to important documentation involving your property
  • Collect rent online and disburse owner payments quickly and efficiently

The marketing aspect is absolutely vital to finding the right tenants, which is the first step toward success when you own an income property… so how do the best West Palm Beach property managers do it?

How to Market a Luxury Rental

Tenants in the luxury market respond differently to advertising and marketing than those in other segments of the market do – and expert marketers know it. Higher-end properties demand different marketing strategies than properties in other price ranges.

A recent study by Deloitte found that creating custom content tailored to luxury consumers is essential – and even more, it’s important that you open a dialogue to make them feel more involved.

That’s how we shape our marketing for luxury properties: To meet the unique needs of the luxury market and ensure consumers are involved and engaging with potential tenants on a level they’re comfortable with.

One of the first steps in marketing a luxury property successfully is using 3D interactive tours compatible with virtual reality devices. These interactive tours allow potential tenants to “walk through” the property from their own homes to make informed decisions about whether to schedule an in-person tour. The 3D tours we use give prospective clients a sense of the home’s scope, which is impossible when they only have photos.

High-resolution photos do have a place in luxury property marketing, though. Clear, crisp images taken by a professional can showcase individual aspects of each room in a condominium or house, and they’re exciting for prospective tenants to share, review and analyze. Using only the finest professional photographers with the finest equipment, we’re able to showcase luxury properties in ways that other property management companies can’t match.

Drone photography and videography is also very important. It allows prospective tenants to build spatial relationships around the home and get a good look at features that aren’t readily apparent through 3D tours and interior photos. Seeing a high-rise condo overlooking the beach from an aerial drone photo or video, checking out the swimming pool and lush greenery surrounding a home or being able to visualize an entire neighborhood (and a luxury home’s place within it) makes a tremendous impact on prospective tenants.

Once the 3D interactive tours, drone photography and high-resolution interior photos are complete, it’s time to advertise to the right tenants. We do this by careful selection of our target market, including income level and interests, to ensure that we’re presenting advertisements for the property on the right mediums at the right times. Everything about the way we market luxury properties is based on hard data – that way, we can help our owners get qualified tenants quickly.

Do You Need to Talk to a West Palm Beach Property Manager About Your Luxury Rental?

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